Storage facilities

Pekabesko AD has at its disposal storage facilities in two locations within its business premises in Kadino, Municipality of Ilinden, covering 20,000 square meters, including 7,000 pallet spaces for storing goods at any temperatures. Besides the above facilities, Pekabesko AD has another facility in Shuto Orizari covering 5,000 square meters with 2,000 pallet spaces for storing goods at any temperatures.

There are more than 40 workers employedin storage operations.

Food distribution


The food distribution segment in Pekabesko AD consists of two types of distribution channels: presales and micro-distribution.

There are 45 employees in the Presales Department, working at the following positions: Sales Director, Regional Directors, sales executives and drivers who have at their disposal all technological and transport resources necessary for proper performance of their tasks.

In this segment we have at our disposal: 25 freight vehicles, 20 passenger vehicles, as well as handheld computers.;

Food distribution


Micro-distribution consists of itinerant sales at 4,000 unloading locations in Macedonia.

There are more than 30 persons employed in the micro-distribution department, holding the following positions: Micro-distribution Director, Regional Managers, and Distributors.

This segment has at its disposal 23 freight vehicles and 5 passenger vehicles.

Cigarettes distribution

Pekabesko upgraded its distribution network with a separate Division for cigarette distribution.

СWe have created a highly equipped division with new vehicles and new technical equipment for direct delivery and sales of cigarettes to all tobacco retailers in Macedonia.

The cigarette division distributes products from the tobacco factory TDR Rovinj such as its cigarette brands Ronhill, Walter Wolf, York, and Benston.